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Can you imagine James Bond with a high-pitched, squeaky voice?


James Bond, the agent with his typical classic English bearing, his mysterious look and his few words, careful and well thought out, gives us the pattern of that character who knows how to unveil mysteries from his role as a secret spy agent.


Naturally, if we are watching the beginning of a James Bond movie, while we are still waiting for the character to appear, we already have an expectation built around him: he will be polite, gentlemanly, with a low, quiet tone of voice, and dressed in elegant attire. His shiny shoes, his exquisite conjectural mastery, and his shrewd case-solving intelligence give us as prior material a coherent set of characteristics about his personality and his way of being. Taking this information as a starting point, we imagine this James Bond, creating certain expectations that, if not fulfilled, will cause us disappointment, even anger.

Can you imagine James Bond with a high-pitched, squeaky voice?


The same applies to brands. For a brand to be clear and easily recognizable, it is necessary that it transmits to the market and its target audience a personality, a communicative proposal and a coinciding written and spoken tone of voice, that is to say, that all these facets are coherent and harmonious with each other.

In the same way that we do not imagine James Bond entering a place shouting, disrespecting others and having bad manners at lunchtime, we must also imagine our brand in that communicative integrity and not the other way around. The copies on social networks, the texts on the website, as well as the phrases used in the different campaigns, must harmonize and support the way of being that the brand has been expressing about itself.

This will not only be perceived with pleasure by the target audience, since what they expect from the brand is what they receive, but it will also be beneficial for the generation of appropriate expectations: the clearer the image and tone of a brand, the greater the chances that its potential customers will develop the most realistic expectations possible about the relationship they expect to establish with the brand. In addition, this will directly influence the generation of expectations linked to the products and services that function as the core of the value proposition.

Consequently, there will be less room for disappointment and negative associations that the customer builds with the brand in question if the brand has worked - and continues to work - on its consistency of tone and personality.


How does he/she speak? Is his/her voice timbre high or low? Is he/she male or female? Does he/she wear summer or winter clothes? What does he/she like? What are his/her greatest strengths? What are his/her gestures and gestures when he/she speaks? Does he/she have a favorite phrase?

These questions and many more could be answered in relation to a person. However, they can also be asked in relation to a brand. This will determine the most appropriate way for the brand to communicate, express itself, speak, develop and propose its added value.

At Four.19 Agency we first vibrate with the personality of each brand to then be able to give it a coherent and sincere descent in the face of the target audience.

How is your brand speaking today?

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