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The Challenge

Atlas Olive Oils is a Moroccan brand known for making olive oils with the same attention to details as one would a work of art. Winners of numerous accolades and certifications, the Aqallal family has passed on this art and passion for the trade from one generation to the next, proudly donning the title of second best premium extra virgin olive oil in the world.

The Atlas team got us on board to help them create a website complete with a digital experience that reflects their identity, strengthens their connection with customers, increases income and also throws light on the attention to detail and the devotion to perfection that all four generations of the Aqallal family boast of. Their agricultural practices and the production of extra virgin olive oil are known for making history, especially in Morocco.

What Did We Do ?

  • Brand identity
  • Creative Direction
  • Art direction
  • Digital Strategy
  • Experience Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Website Development in Shopify
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Paid Advertising Strategy

Atlas Olive Oils, A Premium Aesthetic For A Premium Product.

To understand the brand deeper, we travelled to the olive groves of Atlas in Morocco. This allowed us to live, experience and feel, first hand, the roots, culture, identity, traditions and history of the brand, thus enabling us to capture it all in our project. We managed to bring out every aspect of the renowned brand through our pages with the right colours, textures, content and innovation.
With a full-proof digital visual identity, content strategy, and an e-commerce platform like Shopify, we brought the brand to life digitally, creating an air of exclusivity, quality and elegance. Contact Us

Atlas Colors

From the color palette to font selection, our goal was to visually emphasize the incredible and unique identity, essence and history of Atlas Olive Oils.

  • Four.19
  • Four.19
  • Four.19
  • Four.19

Atlas Fonts





How Did We Carry Out A Digital Transformation?

Through the Atlas Olive Oils website, we brought to life the story of the Aqallal family through a unique, rich and differentiated narrative. These four generations were all set to debut in the digital world with the help of the team at Four.19.

We introduced tools, utilities, and experiences within the site to create an impressionable user journey. The delicate and purposeful details give the customer a reason to stay and interact with the brand.

Through this, we created a new digital home that takes the user on a journey through the crops planted in a harsh rocky desert under high temperatures in Morocco, the genealogical history through four generations of the Aquallal family, and a virtual meet and greet with the chefs holding Michelin Stars.

All of this further celebrated the innumerable characteristics that make Atlas Olive Oils one of the best oils in the world.


Site Map



This project required a beautiful design and an operational structure that was functional in modularity and utility, but elevated through creativity.

The elements that inspired us the most were the oil bottles, and we focused on them to give the website a premium look, full of details, quality, elegance, passion and the warmth of home that they so seamlessly convey through their packaging.

Banners For Paid Advertising

The digital strategy was focused on transforming brand efforts into a measurable success among consumers, and that is why we set out to establish a paid advertising tool in a way that could help make the brand popular digitally and generate more income by directing traffic to the e-commerce platform.

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