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f419 Agency

Four.19, a multicultural agency working for global brands

The coronavirus pandemic marked a before and after in people's lives worldwide. Social gatherings, the way we interact and even the way we work changed radically. We all had to adapt to an indecipherable and, at times, incomprehensible panorama.

As in other jobs, home office was the solution found in marketing agencies to continue working, without forgetting that face-to-face contact and dialogues are irreplaceable. Thus, virtuality was a way out, at first momentary, that came to stay. 

Four.19 Agency is part of this change of perspective. Part of the success of this Digital Marketing Agency lies in its team, made up of more than fifteen people. It was thanks to home office that it was possible to add experts in different areas to the team, located in different countries around the world. Although the Agency's headquarters are located in Miami, Florida, there are teams working and connected on a daily basis in Colombia, Venezuela and Argentina.

Geographical distance, far from being an obstacle, is a great possibility to connect and enhance the work of the team. In the meetings, sometimes daily, sometimes weekly, they do not only talk about work. They are opportunities to joke, talk about each other's personal lives and discuss current global issues.

Each Four.19 Agency employee brings not only their vision to work, but also their social and geographic perspective. Each one studied and specialized in different fields. There are experts in programming and web development, others in graphic design, others in animation, illustration, and also those who think of marketing strategies and write them down perfectly. When working in a team, talent and personal qualities are enhanced and multiplied. What could be considered a mistake, at Four.19 Agency is an opportunity to learn and, hand in hand with it, to grow as a professional, but also as a person.

The specialties are grouped into different areas. Internally, each one organizes and coordinates its work independently, although they are all in constant communication. 

The hallmark of Four.19 Agency is familiarity and respect. No matter if you have years of experience, if you are a rookie, or even if you have been working for years or have just joined the team, from the first minute you will feel part of a big family and your opinions and ideas to help the team grow and meet the client's objectives will be listened to and valued.

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