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Four.19 Agency is gaining ground in the world of virtual reality with Noah's VRK, a project that takes us back 4,500 years

"Virtual reality has arrived at Noah's Ark!" and it is through Noah's VRK, a project devised by Four.19 Agency, a digital agency based in Miami, United States. It is a technological attraction adapted to a virtual reality environment that invites us to immerse ourselves in the universal story of Noah, an immersive experience that allows us to live this story as it happened 4.500 years ago. 

In Noah's VRK everyone can be a main character, from adopting the role of Noah walking with the animals of the ark in order to survive the flood, to celebrating the rainbow covenant, everything is possible thanks to the magic of virtual reality. The entertainment is divided into different stages, each of them related to a central fragment of Noah's story. Together, and thanks to fun and educational games for all ages, they complete the interesting puzzle of the well-known biblical story. The stages mentioned are: the Calling, the Building, the Animals, the Flood, Dry Land, the Covenant. 

How does Noah's VRK contribute from virtual reality?  

It is common to read about the adverse effects of the world of video games and technological attractions. However, from Noah's VRK they have set out to use technology with good intention, always focused on the benefits of emotional therapy and immersive learning. 

The Four.19 Talent Team assures that through virtual reality they seek to create unforgettable moments in people going through difficult circumstances, so that they can disconnect, at least for a few moments, from their own reality, and have fun. The main purpose of the creators of Noah's VRK is to multiply a message of hope that spreads from every individual, remembering every day, God's covenant of friendship and love for us. The first massive experience recorded by Noah's VRK took place in the Lluvia de Gracia Foundation, a social organization with great dedication and strong Christian commitment to the service of vulnerable youth in poverty and neglect in the city of Cali, Colombia. Over 500 children and teenagers who regularly attend this Foundation lived an immersive experience that will remain forever in their memories and in their hearts.  

In 2020, this innovative project allowed Four.19 Agency to win the W3 Award, granted by the Academy of Visual and Interactive Arts (AIVA). This is an organization made up of members from 15 countries that aims to recognize the evolution of interactive media and raise the standards of excellence of websites. The virtual reality project devised by Four's team of talents is constantly evolving and growing within this dynamic industry. Its goals are very clear: to multiply and expand globally to bring a message of hope that spreads all over the world.

Four.19 is located at 1957 NW 7th Ave. Suite 600 Miami FL 33136. You can contact the Agency through its different communication channels:



Tel: +1(800)844 4620

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