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Four.19 Agency, the marketing agency that won the All Coffee account

Some say that hard work pays off. And Today, Four.19 Agency is reaping the fruits of the hard work done by its members.

It is with great satisfaction that the Miami-based Digital Marketing agency led by Santiago Montoya, signed a contract with All Coffee, the famous Cuban coffee company with more than 70 years in the market.

Four.19 Agency's work with the aforementioned company began with one of its most important brands: Café Real, which has a presence in more than 1,000 points of sale in Miami, including bakeries and restaurants that serve this Cuban coffee to the public.

Café Real was worked on in a global manner, having as an initial objective to organize and lay the foundations of Café Real. The starting point was an in-depth market research, the result of which yielded a balance of the possibilities, strengths and challenges to be overcome. The next step was clear: branding development. Beginning with the preparation of a Brand Manual, in which the new visual line and tone of the brand was detailed internally (with its employees) and externally (with its public and consumers).

The next step was the execution and implementation of what had been done and thought previously. The website was redesigned, with the aim of creating a more interactive and informative design for consumers, in addition to a complete redesign in social networks. 

In digital media, a strategy of paid advertisements is being managed, in addition to the creation of monthly content for each of them, based on a conversion and engagement strategy. In addition, negotiations are being carried out and contracts are being signed with renowned influencers in Florida, to take Café Real to another level. 

In the short term, Four.19 Agency will start working with another All Coffee brand: café La Carreta. This product is known for being the Cuban coffee that everyone drinks in the Cuban restaurant chains that bear the same name in Miami. The marketing agency is expected to work with the aforementioned coffee brand in a similar way as it has worked with the other All Coffee brand.

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