f419 Agency
f419 Agency
  • What we offer?

    Development of visual identity for positive impact ventures.

  • How?

    Minimizing the cost of this service.

  • Why?

    Help more social enterprises get off the ground faster and have a positive impact on society.

Many startups, and even more those that seek to generate a positive impact on society, when they begin do not have a solid brand image and it takes them too much time to generate a website due to the costs involved. That is why in Four.19 we are willing to empower them and thus generate MORE IMPACT and that your START UP is presented as a solid COMPANY to your target audience. We want to contribute to your cause and help you get off the ground.


Stage 1

Development of the brand's visual identity:

It is created from a brief research of the market and current trends and also from an internal analysis of the brand to identify its needs and create the look and feel of it.

four-19-agencyIncludes: The delivery of a Logo + Slogan and a branding guide that includes the rules of how to use these tools.

Completion time: 2 weeks

Stage 2

Web Site Development:

We take this brand image to a WEBSITE so that it can already have its letter of introduction to the target audience.

four-19-agencyIncludes: It includes a landing page with a presentation header, about us, the products or services offered, a short explanation of them and ends with a contact section (which we redirect to an email) and footer.

Completion time: 2 weeks

$7,000.00 USD $2,750.00 USD Get the Plan

Who is this service for?

This pack is designed only for social impact startups, which have a purpose through which they seek to solve a social or environmental challenge that improves the world in which we live. That is why in these cases, we offer a special price from our Agency, as a way to make a contribution to that cause.


This plan will provide you with:

  • four-19-agencyIncreased chances of getting investors
  • four-19-agencyAttract and increase the confidence of potential customers
  • four-19-agencyContribute to differentiate you from the competition and be competitive in the market you enter.
  • four-19-agencyCorrectly express the essence of the brand
  • four-19-agencyBring consistency to the message being conveyed.
  • four-19-agencyIf done right from the beginning, it will accompany the brand at all times, positioning it correctly.

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